How to Decorate a House for a Wedding Reception

decorate a house

Wedding is a great event for which eventually every parent wait. It is the most important day for the couple and their parents too. It is not just a ceremony where relatives, cousins and other people gather and have fun and give blessing to beautiful couple, it is the day when two souls meet and get engaged for lifetime. So this great day should be made special by the fine and elegant decoration so that couple, family member relatives and the invitees too get the great and special feeling on this wedding day. The Decoration of wedding reception at home party must be attractive so that every relative must not forget it.

There is no good place then a home for getting married, because this is the place where we have all our life memory since childhood so this wedding day special ceremony should be celebrated at home only. If you are someone who is getting married at your home and got confused for how to do the arrangement for your home decoration then you are at right place. Here we have tried to discuss some of best home decor ideas for wedding.

People confuses from where to start the decoration work for wedding and from to not. Here we will present you some ideas how to decorate your house for wedding reception.

Now let’s see what these are:-

Floral railing decoration in house

If you like simple wedding decoration at home then the idea of decorating the stairs railing is best. It looks simple and elegant. If your house has a long stairs railing then you can decorate it with elegant aromatic flowers, roundly wrap the railing by flowers strings, try to put two or three colours of flowers or you can also decorate by the small bouquet of flowers placing at some distance from up to down on stairs or you can also light it up to give it the fine decorative shine. And it works the best when the bride comes down to party by these decorated stairs, which enhances the brides beauty too so it must decorate beautifully.

Wedding Elegant lightning decoration

Your house should look like a wedding house so in order to give your house a wedding touch lighten up your house. Decorate your home completely with small white colours lights, actually these light are named as pipe light (lights arranged in the thin transparent rubber pipe). Put the light covering your exterior house wall completely with these lights, this makes your house look more dazzling. Wedding house decoration is incomplete if you haven’t decorated your home with these lights. Lights are must in house whether your wedding is in day or night so the idea of wedding house decoration lights is the best.

Floral Rangoli Decoration

Cover your main entrance by designing it by Floral Rangoli Decoration. Main entrance is place which every relative’s notices when they enter in house so it is should be decorated well. Floral Rangoli or colourful Rangoli of any designed of your choice will work the best. Make the Rangoli in the wall corner covering the appropriate area with the flower petals.

Clothe Drapes decoration

Don’t leave your any space without decoration; occupy every space which is possible to decorate. For simple wedding decoration of your house decorate it by hanging some curtain vertically or you can decorate your inner wall by draping it with the colourful clothes. You can choose the vast array of arrangement with different colours curtain drapes; put them in balance by maintaining the same neutral space between every curtain drape. These drapes look the highly attractive and give the beautiful effect. They are easy to decorate in low budget.

Decorate the ceiling by giving drape touch

A little clothe does the amazing work in decoration. Give a fine touch to the ceiling of your house by draping the ceiling with fabric and gives the perfect reception look to your house. It looks beautiful and elegant and is very low budget decorating idea of wedding home decorations.

Let your decoration speak

Be sure about the table and chair decoration, you must take care of decoration of the place where the relatives sits. My mean is from tables, chairs and sofa, choosing the table and chairs cover wisely. Although white colour is the best, so cover your all chairs and table with white colour clothes in decorative manner and let your space speak with your decorative style. Give your table a floral finish by adding the small vase of flower or bouquet and glass candles. Don’t forget to tie the knot of ribbons on every chair cover, choose the pink or red colour ribbons. This gives the awesome look to your chairs and gives the wedding touch too. Instead of using the chairs covers you can also tie these ribbons only of big size, this also looks good in case you are do not want to cover your chairs.

Use feathers

Feathers are inexpensive and work as the big trend in the wedding decoration. You can easily buy them from any craft store and make large feather wreaths and hang them in your vacant walls, or try adding some flowers in it to give an elegant look.

Floral water candles

Use amazing flower water candles or soft candlelight to transform any space. Decorate your reception tables with these floral candles or simple soft or glass candles. Decoration with these candles will create a magic and make the ultimate atmosphere of romance.

Floral pillar decoration

If your house has pillar or have any centre of piece then consider decorating them too. The decorative pillar will act as attractive centre of piece in your house. You can decorate your each pillar by hanging one bouquet to every pillar or you can decorate them by rounding the shiny satin clothing or by flowers strings. Decorate the space between the every pillar hanging the string of leaves and flowers. This will help to enhance the look of your home of being more beautiful in giving the wedding house touch.

Display your Engagement Photos

Your invitees will love to see your engagement photos. Make a slideshow or presentation of your engagement pictures and display it for reception entertainment. You can also put your earlier photos of you and your love or some of your favourite photos. Reception is the perfect place to show them because some of your relatives will ever see these pictures of your engagement.

You can also make a wall of pictures of your family wedding pictures. This is a romantic idea and everyone will surely like it.

Rent the Same Colour Glassware

Use the same colour of crockery and glassware, you can rent them on easy budget and it will be centrepiece of decoration on the table. So make your table pop a unique instant.

Balloon Arrangement

Balloons are must in joyous and wedding occasions. So when it’s about the simple wedding decorations ideas never forget the balloons. Decorate your home by arranging the balloons they are inexpensive, buy in bulk and decorate your place with these colourful balloons. You can also make heart shape by arranging this balloon and put it near the place of couple or near to the dining area. Balloons work the great and they are good choice for any inner or outer sunlight decoration.

Decorate your Entrance of your home

The welcome entry gate for guest of your wedding house must look charming, pleasant and beautiful. Decorate you entry gate with two or three colours flowers strings. Decorating your house from exterior gives the perfect impression and good felling of happiness to your guest. You can also use the Christmas light too for decorating the entry gate. This will give your guests the impressive aromatic welcome.

Illuminate light

Lights are the major parts of decoration whether it is decorative light, Candles, Lamps, Diyas or etc it makes your simple decoration more shiny and elegant. Everyone’s has plants in their house, if your house also has plants or tree decorates them too with the lights and you can put them in your main entrance, this makes them look more beautiful. If your backyard or garden is blessed with tree then Roll up the tree with these colourful lights and make lovely floral arrangement. Light up the glass candles at the border of the garden or put some colourful lamps of series in your backyard or garden. Try to put some Diyas and bulbs on your Terrace or balcony to give them a great ambiance.


By reading this article you will find some home decor idea for wedding which is specially categorized to save the money. If you are not sure how to begin your wedding house decoration then have a look to this article once, this will help you saving your time and money too. If you like a simple house Wedding decoration at home, then save your money by reading all the above tips of simple house wedding reception ideas. With the small and little creation you can decorate your house for wedding reception and make it a memorable place for everyone. The above presented ideas for wedding home decoration will surely help you in saving the money if you read them only once.

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